Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention in a certain way:

  • On purpose
  • In the present moment
  • Non-judgmentally

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn (2011)

As a practice, mindfulness is the art of observing your physical, emotional, and mental experiences with deliberate, open, and curious attention (Susan Smalley and Diana Winston, 2010).

Mindfulness can also enhance our health and well-being and numerous scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of mindfulness-based approaches.

Mindfulness In Action offers evidence-supported mindfulness-based programs for managing the stresses of daily life, preventing relapse due to depression, managing anxiety and chronic pain, and tolerating emotional distress. We also offer courses for those interested in learning more about mindfulness, and for experienced practitioners who want to rejuvenate their practice.

Weekly, free, live (by Zoom interactive video), drop-in meditations have been offered since June, 2021, and will resume after the holiday season on January 11, 2022, for those interested in practicing in a supportive online community.

For those interested in learning to become MBSR or MBCT facilitators, I offer mentoring through the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, and through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. I am also a MBCT facilitator trainer for the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, which is in partnership with China-Canada Mindfulness Association (CCMA) to offer a MBCT facilitator training in Mandarin. If interested, please contact tom@mindfulnessinaction.ca.